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Universal Classified ads is a local search engine that enables the users to make searches of services locally across India using various platforms like websites and apps. All these services have the intention to make our daily tasks easy and convenient. This app not only acts as a local search engine but even enables users to perform various transactions easily. Universal Classified ads are a platform through which thousands of SMEs can efficiently run the business online and have a proper online presence on their website and mobile apps.


Facts about Universal Classified ads

  • Universal Classified ads are available on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. The services are based on the local location of internet users.
  • The voices services are available round the clock. The executives are available to assist users across the world.
  • Users can access Universal classified ads 24 hours a day throughout a week. The executives are ready to provide multilingual support.
  • Universal classified ads have a robust in all the cities and help you to access all the local services of the location.


  • With a vast range of features, this advanced and scalable technology platform offers user experience with lots of transaction-oriented search plus verticals and a social sharing platform.
  • The extensive features of the website enable it to connect to a large online community of engaged users and gather ratings and reviews which makes it a most engaged community.
  • It comes with an attractive value proposition for local companies as it offers huge online visibility. Not only that it provides easy payment solutions, customized websites, and mobile app in one place.
  • Over time Universal classified ads have the reach to a strong and widespread sales force. It is possible due to years of experience and in-depth local market knowledge and expertise in various local regions of the country.

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